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We have a selection of talented close up magicians just waiting to thrill and amaze your guests at your next event.

It doesn't matter if it's a wedding, bar mitzvah, birthday, corporate event or a office Christmas party, our magicians will baffle people with their close up magic and make them laugh with their witty banter.

It's always a hit at parties, so why not complete our enquiry form and we will email you with a list of available magicians, along with a confirmed price for each of them.


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Photo of close up magician M100 holding a pack of cards.

Entertainer Code; M100.

He has been performing spell-binding Close-Up Magic and Psychological entertainment for over 12 years. He became hooked on magic when he visited Las Vegas and an American magician showed him a card trick that literally blew him away!

Make sure your event is talked about for years to come, by booking this talented entertainer for your event.

He will create a fantastic atmosphere for your event, as his style of magic is highly visual, impossible and frequently happens in the hands of the guests! Just imagine a card that you have signed seconds before, suddenly and inexplicably ends up on the ceiling! Imagine four coins, slowly and invisibly travelling from the magicians hand to yours!                                                                                MORE INFO.....

Entertainer Code; M500.


A very experienced magician who has been performing magic for over 25 years. He is based in the Midlands, but is happy to work in most areas of the UK.


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Photo of a Birmingham based magician.

Photo of one of our magicians for hire.

Entertainer Code; M125.

Magic is great for weddings, family parties and corporate events, as it is suitable for all ages.  A magician only takes up the space of a person and has no large or bulky equipment like some forms of entertainment. Being extremely mobile is also an added benefit, as they will be able to move to where your guests happen to be at the time, be it in the bar area, outside or at tables.

Magician M125 has over 15 years’ experience as an entertainer and is an award winning member of The Magic Circle, a Silver Star Member of The Inner Magic Circle and was South African Magic Champion winner three times.

He is available for weddings, exhibitions, conferences, tradeshows, award ceremonies, Christmas parties, Bar Mitzvahs, cocktail parties and just about anywhere there’s a gathering of people that need entertaining.


Entertainer Code; M150.

If you are looking for an entertainer that is guaranteed to amaze your guests, then this is the magician for you. He is regarded by many to be one of the UK’s leading professional close up magicians.

He regularly performs his individual brand of magic at many of the prestigious events in London, nationally and internationally.

His three specialties are Table, Close Up and Stage Magic. When working amongst the guests at an event, he is also able to incorporate a Pickpocket routine, which really gets people laughing.

He has performed for many celebrities, royalty and even American senators. He appears regularly at The Magic Castle, which is a famous venue in Hollywood.

More Information About This Magician & Pickpocket.....

A photo of magician hire london, performing close up magic.

Photo of a close up magician from Aberdeen.Entertainer Code; M110

Magician M110 is a talented, charismatic entertainer. He adds a contemporary twist to his magic. Be it it close up magic at weddings or large scale stage shows or anything in between, he can satisfy any crowd and adapt his performance to suit.

He services all kinds of event in Scotland
but he is happy to travel further afield
for the right kind of event.


For further details and promotional video click here.


Entertainer Code; M600

A gifted young magician, who is based in London. He has performed magic for many different celebrities, corporate events and weddings throughout London and the South East counties.

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Based Magician

Image of a London based wedding magician.

Entertainer Code; M400

A very experienced magician based in Yorkshire, but also servicing other areas of the UK.

More Details About This
Yorkshire Based Magician Here



Our Magicians & Pick Pockets are perfect for Christmas party entertainment and office parties, creating
a fun atmosphere full of laughter and smiles!

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What Is The Definition Of 'Close Up Magician'?

This could not be simpler, it's basically 'what it is says on the tin'. This is where a magician would perform 'magic' right in front of you, at an event such as a wedding, rather than something like stage magic, which is generally performed at a distance.

What Is The Definition Of 'Table Magician'?

This is the same as Close Up Magic really. The reason that some people call it Table Magic, is because this sort of entertainment is often used at weddings, balls and dinner dances, where the guests are sat at tables and the magician moves round performing from table to table.

What Is Stage Magic?

Apart from the obvious of normally being performed on stage, this is a slightly different style of magic. Close up table magic is designed to be performed very close to the people watching. With stage magic the audience are usually further away, so it's pretty pointless making a coin disappear as the audience couldn't see the coin in the first place.

Therefore, stage magic would normally entail using larger items which can be seen from a distance. Though, if it's in front of a TV camera then the magicians can still perform close up magic as well.

How Much Does A Magician Cost?

Firstly there is no set national fee structure. Each magician will decide their fees themselves and they can vary in price greatly. The prices an individual magician can quote will also fluctuate depending several factors. Many charge a little more during peak months and there are also peak days of the week. Obvious ones are Saturdays, all days in December because of company Christmas parties and weekends through the summer months because of weddings.

Some will offer better prices for off peak dates and times. If they can fit you in on the way to or on the way back from another booking, you can often get a good deal. They also need to take in to consideration travel costs and time getting to and from your event. Though don't let this put you off, if they can fit you in on the way to or on the way back from another booking, you can often get a good deal, so it's always worth asking for a quote regardless of where they are based.

How Do I Get A Confirmed Price And Check Availability For A Magician?

That's easy, all you need to do is complete our enquiry form with the details of your event. When you click on submit, we automatically send it to all magicians that cover the area where your event is being held. They then reply to us confirming if they are available and how much they would charge. We collate this information and send you one email with the prices for each and a link to their details on this website. You can then compare and make your decision on who to book.


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